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In China saying jokingly saying: "Married men most hated green." cheap jordans And in the ocean, the green is not the color of some people to be seen, at least - Michael Jordan cheap jordans china is so. According to the Bleacher Report it reported that when it comes to the introduction of the green version of the Air Jordan series shoes cheap jordans for sale from china, trapeze Great actually burst foul language.

Today is not Christmas, so do not expect to see Michael Jordan wearing green air jordan shoes sneakers. But even to Christmas, you'd better not count on.

Recently, the famous American rapper Mike Palermo (formerly known this - Haggerty, cheap jordans Macklemore is it a stage name) in a straightforward way, find the Bulls legend does not like green.

When participating in a television program block, Mike Palermo and Jordan revealed that he had talked about jordans for sale why not launch a green Air Jordan 6s shoes. He recalls, Jordan was the sudden burst of foul language: "Fuck Green (F - k green)."

Why so nasty green sneakers Jordan? The reason may be he does not want to be seen wearing cheap jordans a pair of sneakers Christmas Edition (in the West, red, green, and white are the three Christmas colors, green for Christmas).

Of course, the green Air Jordan sneakers still be seen. Joke: we finally figure it out, trapeze Great cheap jordan shoes so nasty green, not because of fear of "being green", after the East-West cultural differences still evident.